Finding hidden treasure

by | Book In Progress, Cartoon Diary

You know how it feels when you find some loose change or dollars in your pant pocket? Well, I found some kulfi— An Indian type of ice cream — in the freezer today. I was ecstatic about finding it even though it was absolutely frozen. Kulfi needs to be stored in an airtight container, but this one had a few holes and that ensured that the kulfi was like ice.

Nonetheless, a treasure is a treasure and I enjoyed eating it, ice and all.

About the drawing:
I tried to do some clouds in this picture, but gave up as the paper on the Moleskine was much too thin to lift the paint. But overall I was reasonably satisfied with this painting. I also put the ocean in at the last minute and I think that gave it a nice touch. It’s hard to know what to add and what to keep. I’ve found that I have to force myself to be brave. There’s not much time to practice and the only practice I get is when I do this “final” work. So if I goof up, I goof up, but there’s no other way (for me at least).

I would have liked to have more of a focus on the kulfi and less on the pirate. But the kulfi turned out too dull. If I did it again, I would put in a bright to duller shade in the kulfi to make it stand out. Then I would dull the pirate a bit. But since the kulfi was already dull, I just put in a white stream (yes, white paint) and left the pirate bright. No point in dulling everything in sight.

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