The unofficial pictorial biography of New Zealand

So glad you’re here, because we’re going on a tour of New Zealand. Not quite the amazing scenery, but rather a trip on fire trucks, in yoga classes, cafes, bakeries, construction sites, restaurants. And yes, sheep.

Some part of this biography will be through a series of photo “albums”. Others will be with lavish cartoon diaries (check out the nav bar on the right).

To open the album, just click on an image, and boof—you’re in a whole new world. Try it!

The cartoon diaries and the photo albums get updated on a fairly regular basis. If you want to peek into New Zealand often, yes, there is a way to get updates.

Take your time and click through some of the albums. At the bottom of each album, you’ll find a link to subscribe and a zany newsletter will show up on a monthly basis. 

Murray, Piha, Auckland

Murray, a family owned business, right across from Piha Beach. You can get your fill of Mexican food at this tiny restaruant. Taylor Murray—or as the t-shirt says: son of son of Murray. First day on the job, Saskil settles in.Sue at the coffee machine. Murray is open...

Best Ugly Bagels, Wellesley Street, Auckland

Best Ugly Bagels gets going at 5 am so that it's ready for clients looking for a 7 am breakfast (and yes, coffee). Bagels learn how "gravity works". Bagels learn how "gravity works".Jack (behind the coffee machine) turns out a great coffee with Good Joe West Coast...