The unofficial pictorial biography of New Zealand

So glad you’re here, because we’re going on a tour of New Zealand. Not quite the amazing scenery, but rather a trip on fire trucks, in yoga classes, cafes, bakeries, construction sites, restaurants. And yes, sheep.

Some part of this biography will be through a series of photo “albums”. Others will be with lavish cartoon diaries (check out the nav bar on the right).

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Holy Shot, Takapuna, Auckland

Shane, Tess and Elizabeth at work.Holy Shot Ver 1.0, when most of the coffees were just takeaway.Shannon in the earlier location of Holy Shot. Small, but still with a staircase going up to a mezzanine area.Mia—early days at Holy Shot.Shane and Lydia on the weekend...

Foiling Event, Takapuna Boating Club, Takapuna

Different flags for "ready, get set, go". And then the horn. A request for the starting line to be made wider.The race is on.Back at the boating club, the competitors being tracked by GPS.Some early dropouts. The race goes on for several hours.

Pro Kart Racing: Hamilton

Pro Kart Racing: Hamilton

It’s an explosion of noise—and petrol fumes that fill the air. That’s what Pro Kart Racing is all about.