Oven Cleaning

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I’m kinda excited.

I’m excited because this is the second page in my cartoon diary, and the first page of the Moleskine kinda scares me. It’s not like you can tear out the pages from the Moleskine. Well, you can try but it makes the book all wobbly with every page  you tear (ask  me how I know :)). Which is why it’s important (at least for me) to know that the first page goes well.

And it did, so hey, it’s page No2.

So now what do I draw?
Well, most of us think we have boring lives. But hey, everyone has “boring” lives. Even the film stars and tennis players have to do the same old, same old—even if their same old is different from ours. So I find things that happen in the day, that I can illustrate. And today the big thing was oven-cleaning. I wouldn’t even try to clean an oven, and any way this cartoon was wrong labelled. It should have been “range hood cleaning” because that’s what was done. But then I wanted to create some drama.

The drama came from the oven-cleaning guy himself
Apparently he was a window-cleaner before he had this job. And so that was my bright moment for the day.

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About the cartoon:

This cartoon didn’t have as many contrasts as I would have liked to have. It was mostly a dull sort of cartoon. I was happy with the drawing of the oven, and it did take a lot of time to get the harness picture, but eventually I just indicated that it was a harness. Often that’s the best thing to do. You don’t have to be so very detailed. All you have to do is give an indication.