Goldilocks In Progress

by | Cartoon Diary

Well, yesterday wasn’t so great. All that thick paint—ugh!

But then along comes the next day, often the brain sorts it out. So while this Goldilocks is still work in progress, it gives you an idea of how I will approach a piece of work. I will first sketch it, leave it alone. Then paint it a bit and yes, leave it alone. And then keep at it.

This Goldilocks cartoon has a lot of dark shades on either side and there’s the bright path that draws you in. And of course, Goldilocks is in bright red, so that focuses your eye. But while there are many elements at work, the one we want to focus on the most, is how the dark colours are hedging in the lighter values (shades) to force you to look at that band (the path) and Goldilocks.

About the cartoon:

My niece Marsha was over for a week-long break. And her Nana was staying with us for a month. So Marsha and her Nana got together to make some kulfi (kulfi is an Indian type of ice-cream). While she was here, Marshs also played with a Goldilocks app I downloaded. And though she’s quite old already (the app is for younger kids), Marsha really enjoyed the app on the iPad.