Stubborn Tech-Support

by | Cartoon Diary

So this is May. Well, just the start of May, but there are times when I just slow down like crazy. Suddenly I’ll be on fire doing three-four cartoons a day and then suddenly there’s a lull. I detest those lulls. And they can come for any reason. I could be super-busy conducting a ton of courses or be on the road, but the lull will come. And then I get stuck, sometimes for a week.

Usually it will take some interesting incident to pull me out of the lull.
Be aware that nothing is interesting by itself. It’s just how you see things that make it interesting. And in this case, red tape was the dominant factor. I thought of doing other ways of getting stuck, but then went for the literal suggestion of stubborn tech-support. As is often the case when I get back after a while, I may overdo things. In this case, I overdid the ribbon thickness and it’s a mass of thick paint, instead of light watercolour.

Ah, well…

About the cartoon:

One of our websites was hacked and malware was inserted into the system. I contacted tech-support and ran into Adam. Adam is proficient at what he does, but takes his Garden of Eden name too seriously. Once he types the instructions, he expects that it’s written in stone. Every question that you ask in return is then studiously avoided as he points out to his first answer/suggestion. So I can spend 45 minutes to an hour going back and forth with Adam, hoping somehow to find the little chance that he’ll break. He does break, eventually handing out another morsel, but for 45 minutes the game continues.