Walk Like A Mexican

by | Book In Progress

This cartoon was a lot more to my liking. I liked the values I managed to get into the cactus—for starters. If you look closely, you’ll notice the cactus isn’t really green. It’s a whole mix of colours. So the cartoon is getting this runny watercolour look but also there are a lot of darks, lights and values.

I enjoyed doing this cartoon.

About this cartoon:

I did this cartoon after we went to a Mexican dinner. It was one of those Meetup dinners and we were at this table where we could only speak to the folks right next to you. That was a lot like Russian roulette. Get someone boring and you’re stuck all night. Anyway, the woman was from South America and got into trouble doing some belly dancing (she had a cast). Overall, it was a weird story and weird evening. And I didn’t like the Pisco Sour that much anyway.